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“Not all those who wander are lost.” – J.R.R. Tolkien

I was born into a show business family, my Father a pianist, Mother a
8mi_7989soprano, one Grandfather a comedian and the other an Irish Tenor. “We are so theatrical in our family, that even the sewing machine is a Singer!”

I began my career at the tender age of fourteen as a dresser for a chorus line of beautiful dancing girls on the tiny Channel Island of Jersey. Following this nerve racking but wonderful experience, I focused on a career in the business of show! A grounding in children’s theatre led to stand up comedy and also training as an actor before discovering I have a unique lyrical tenor voice.


After many summer seasons and pantomimes, I have enjoyed over 21 years constantly cruising to the four corners of the globe onboard famous liners such as the Q.E.2 and the Oriana – to name but two. In 2006, during a unique cruise to Antarctica, I fulfilled my childhood dream by stepping on to all seven continents!

I have performed in front of the Duke of Edinburgh, the Prince of Wales and other pubs around Barnsley!!

After visiting 136 countries, on seven continents, my passion for travelling the world is stronger than ever. With my continual love of the sea, I have worked on 28 cruise ships which has allowed me to sail from Bali to Bora Bora, Hong Kong to Rio and Sydney to Honolulu to name but a few.honolulu-hawaii-my-first-skydive-from-14334-ft_7235464682_o


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  • Originally posted on www.justluxe.com

    What makes sailing on The Yachts of Seabourn so special? We have two words for you: Nick Hale. Mr. Hale is the Cruise Director of the luxurious Seabourn Odyssey, and he is hands down, the best cruise director we have ever encountered in the industry.

    Witty, personable, gracious, with a personality as big as the ship, Mr. Hale impressed us — and everyone else — with his professionalism and charm. In fact, we even met some avid Seabourn cruisers, who told us that they were going to base their next upcoming cruise bookings on where in the world Mr. Hale would be sailing. As Mr. Hale liked to joke, he was living the dream — albeit on the typical cruise director schedule of missed meals, no sleep, and non-stop pressure to be “on.” All the passengers just love him; especially at his daily trivia contests, where he is never without his hilarious rubber chicken.

    The Seabourn ships such as the Odyssey also have other innumerable advantages that can help you make the most of your cruise. It’s no wonder, then, that Seabourn, in 2011 and in other years, received the top “Readers’s Choice” Award from Conde Nast Traveler, in the “Best Small-Ship Cruise Line” category.

    Lastly, we have three words for you, which Mr. Hale stressed every day in his announcements to the passengers: “Live the dream.” With Seabourn, that’s easy.

    10 Reasons to Set Sail on This Luxury Cruise Line
  • Nick, our cruise director, was the best cruise director we’ve ever encountered in the many river and ocean cruises we have taken!! He was friendly, accommodating, patient, and showed great humour (and restraint) when problems arose. From now on, he is the “bar” by which I will evaluate other cruise directors.

    The Best Cruise Director We’ve Ever Encountered
  • Our Cruise Director Nick was a hoot and very accommodating to all of the guest needs. A great singer and comedian also. We are looking forward to taking another River Cruise in the near future.

    Nick Was A Hoot And Very Accommodating
  • In Venice, our old Cruise Director went home on leave and his replacement arrived. Enter Nick Hale. The last time I sailed with Nick was on Seabourn Pride 3 years ago. He is a larger than life cheeky chappy from Ireland/Yorkshire and he makes me laugh. I do like Nick.

    Our Old Cruise Director Went Home On Leave And His Replacement Arrived. Enter Nick Hale
  • Seabourn Odyssey Cruise Director Nick Hale shared this story and photo with us: A couple of weeks ago, Seabourn Odyssey crossed the International Dateline, meaning that we had Sunday, February 29th for 48 hours! It was a true Groundhog moment.

    February 29th For 48 Hours! It Was A True Groundhog Moment.
  • Three Western Samoans were fishing when their boat ran out of fuel. Adrift for 18 days, the men existed on raw fish and rain water. Odyssey was the first shipped that had passed close to them. Another hour and we would have been sailing past in darkness, perhaps unaware of their plight. That evening at the conclusion of the show, Cruise Director, Nick Hale, announced that the men were doing fine after being examined by the ship’s doctor. They had showered and put on fresh clothes before enjoying a meal of chicken and rice. And the best part of all—they had been allowed to contact family members. The same family members who had been preparing funeral services, since the men had been declared lost at sea over a week ago.

    Three Western Samoans Were Fishing When Their Boat Ran Out Of Fuel….
  • Our cruise director, Nick, had to be the best ever! We had the cabin on the bottom deck but it was great – roomy, very comfortable and everything felt so intimate on the ship – that’s the beauty of having less than 200 people on board!! The food was incredible and we took over 1500 pictures and had the trip of a lifetime. We will take another river cruise in the future.

    Our Cruise Director, Nick, Had To Be The Best Ever!
  • This was one of our best holidays in 2015. Schedule and organisation were perfect. The staff was very professional – special thanks to the Bulgarian staff on the ship! Nick, the programme director was OUTSTANDING! Our room was very clean and comfortable. Food was good, so was the service. The programme included very interesting places to visit and enjoy.

    Nick, The Programme Director Was OUTSTANDING!
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